Description of Course


Just shy of 20km, this trail run is set to challenge. Starting from the Polly Shortts Shopping Centre in Pietermaritzburg, the route soon veers off-road and takes runners through some stunning scenery to the finish point in Camperdown. At the base of Little Polly’s Valley, athletes will be taken up through Bar Circle Ranch then onwards past the Lion Park hill and round the back of National Chicks before the final 1.4km back on tar road to the first transition point at Camperdown. 17.5km of the 20km is off-road, taking runners through some spectacular bushveld and nature reserves. While the run may be regarded tough, the beauty of the surroundings soon distracts the athletes from the challenge of the course. Water tables are provided approximately every 3km on the route which will supply an energy drink and water. No personal seconding is permitted on the route although there are a couple of spectator points along the route. The start time is 06h00 and athlete’s will be given 2 ½ hours to complete the course.

Route Map & Profile 20km & 10km

20km Trail Run                                  10km Trail Run

TC-2014-TR          10km Run
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Registration Details

05h00 – 06h30 @ Polly Shortts Shopping Centre, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg


At Polly Shortts Shopping Centre parking area.


07h00 for 20kms at Polly Shortts
07h30 for 10kms at Lion Park




Elite Timing (no chip required) – Body Markings

Directions to Trail Run Start -Polly Shortts Shopping Centre

1. Take the Market Road Offramp off N3
2. Proceed +- 500 m to the 1st robot
3. Proceed through the 1st robot for +-100m and take the glide-off left
4. Proceed 600m to robot and go through it
5. Proceed uphill towards the next robot and go through it
6. Proceed +-150m and turn left into Polly Shortts Shopping Centre

Directions to MTB Start / Trail Run Finish – Camperdown

1. From Durban or Pietermaritzburg on the N3 highway take the Camperdown turn off – Number 57
2. Turn Right over N3 if coming from Durban or Left away from the N3 if coming from Pietermaritzburg.
3. Proceed for +- 200 m to the intersection and turn right into Old Main Road
4. Proceed to the parking lot of Polly Shortts Shopping Centre.