There are 5 designated spectator points which can be used to view the athletes. 4 on the trail run and
1 at Inanda Dam.


NO SECONDING in any way or form will be allowed for the duration of the race. Race referees will immediately disqualify any athlete receiving assistance.

Vehicles will NOT be allowed on the race route and MUST use the highway between transitions. (Pietermaritzburg to Camperdown and Camperdown to Inanda Dam through Hillcrest).

Vehicles will only be allowed at the following spectator/seconder points:-

  1. At the Start – Polly Shortts Shopping Centre.
  2. At Ashburton interchange.
  3. At Lion Park interchange.
  4. At the run / bike transition from Camperdown.
  5. At Inanda Dam for the bike / paddle transition and the finish.

All vehicles MUST get to Inanda Dam through Hillcrest.

All vehicles must obey the race marshals and police at all times.

All seconds will be given Triple Challenge access permit for entry into Inanda Dam; these must be placed on the top right hand front windscreen.

Spectator/Seconds found on the route outside of these areas could course their athlete to be disqualified.

Route Maps

Camperdown Transition Area                 Lion Park Transition Area

Camperdown Transition                             10km transition area
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