Trail Run 20.6kms / MTB 53kms / Paddle 18kms with 2 x Portages of 130m and 1.7kms

Individual – This is for the hard core Multisporter who can (and has the drive) to do it all. Run, MTB, Paddle. Truly it will be a moment to #RaceYourself

Team 2A – This for those who want to do a big one day race but are not keen on all the disciplines. 1st member runs, 2nd member cycles, both paddle (K2) to end off the race.

Team 2B – This is for the people wanting to push themselves and really get into the idea of doing the full race but it is always much more fun with others. Both run, both cycle, both paddle (K2) to end off the race.


Trail Run 20.6kms / MTB 53kms / Trail Run 7kms

Individual – For the hard core Multicross athlete wanting to experience the thrills of this kind of race, a real chance to #RaceYourself

Team 2AX – This allows 2 people to enjoy the race in a very accessible way. 1st member runs, 2nd member cycles and both run the final 7kms to the end.

Team 2BX – because it is always more fun with friends, this where you get to do the entire route together and keep each other motivated. Both run, both cycle and both run at the end.


A point to point trail run traversing through 4 game reserves with a 20km option (Polly Shortts to Camperdown) and a 10km option (Lion Park to Camperdown). A perfect way to spend a Sunday morning and experience a different route through the surrounding farmlands. A once a year opportunity to experience trail running at its best.


A unique point to point 53km MTB ride from Camperdown to Inanda Dam. Definitely not your standard MTB ride and not a route you get to explore every other weekend. Amazing views, some incredible single track and the majestic valley of 1 000 hills to blow your mind.Pace yourselves though, this is proper MTB riding, so bring your A-Game.


Something new to the event, a sport that is taking off around SA. Stand Up Paddle boarding appeals to all types of people as it can be done in the sea or on flat water, for racing or just for having some fun. It will happen at Inanda Dam and promises to be really festive.