Columbia Triple Challenge
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Challenge Trail Run: ROUTE 20KM TRAIL RUN
Quick Facts



Please Note: No Seconding of any kind will be allowed on the route or in the transitions. All seconders must use their seconders armband for entry into the transition areas to place their athletes equipment before the athlete arrives and to retrieve their equipment after they have left the transition. Seconds must give way to athletes coming into the transition area.

Start Location

The NEW starting point is at the park 200m up from Polly Shortts Shopping Centre.

Race Info

18km of the 20km’s will be off road. There will be water tables every 3 kms along the trail running route.

Marshalling Points

In the interest of your safety and the smooth running of the event we have specific marshalling points along the road. Please HEED the marshalls instructions at all times. Any athlete, reported by race marshals or the race referee, to be showing disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct towards race officials will have their number taken and be disqualified.

This is a true multisport event, it is up to the indivdual to make sure that they are following the correct marked route and NOT the athlete in front of them. It is the athletes responsibility to be totally independent on the route and to be able to handle any technical difficulties that may occur during the event.


Route Map & Profile

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Medical Info

A Joint Operations Centre (JOC) mobile number 0718646620 is available to all athletes taking part in the event should they run into insurmountable problems and not be able to continue along the route.

Tips from the Pro's

Tips from Dan Hugo, 5 time winner, on the trail run leg

  1. A full day dawns – so take it easy out the start gate. Keep reminding yourself of the total time frame and be patient, you’ll be rewarded.
  2. Purposefully relax on the descents – exhaling more, dropping the shoulder blades, and not over striding.
  3. Don’t try race flats, tis not needed, stick to familiar shoes so as to not stress out the muscles going from run to bike.
  4. Be mindful of hydration and nutrition from the get go, to avoid under and over doing either.
  5. The final 5 kilometers are gradual climbing, with a strong kick towards the end, before flowing down on the tar to T1. Once you hit the tar stay loose and prepare your mind and body for the transition onto the mountain bike. It’s very important to spin your legs on the bike for the first few kilometers.