Columbia Triple Challenge
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Challenge MTB: ROUTE 53KM MTB
Quick Facts


Transition Area:

Transition area will be opposite the Mkhambathini Local Municipality at Camperdown right next to the N3 Highway.

MTB Tyre Specs:

The level has been raised, the route is seriously off road – you need grip and proper mountain bike tyres. We suggest tubeless with lots of tyre sealent.

MTB Spares:

Pump and / or bombs, a puncture repair kit, tubeless plug kit and a gaitor. Multitool, chain quick link and chain tool. Chain lube.

MTB Hydration and Food:

There will be 3 Water Tables on the MTB Route
Each water table will have water, ice, an electrolyte drink as well as some coke for the athletes.
Each athlete is expected to carry a minimum of 2 litres of water with them on the MTB Leg.
The MTB Leg is the best place to recover and feed so make sure that you have your race nutrition pre-planned and with you on the cycle leg.


Please Note: No Seconding of any kind will be allowed on the route or in the transitions. All seconders must use their seconders armband for entry into the transition areas to place their athletes equipment before the athlete arrives and to retrieve their equipment after they have left the transition. Seconds must give way to athletes coming into the transition area.

Start Location

The MTB  leg will start at the Camperdown Transition area for the Multisport and Multicross Events.

The Challenge MTB event will start in the parking lot at the back of the Spar towards the railway line.

MTB Route:

75% of the route will be off-road taking you through some rocky areas, gravel areas, grassy areas, and up some really really nice hills. Please note that the whole route has some extremely steep and dangerous downhills.  Don’t get too excited when spotting Inanda Dam for the first time with about 26kms to go, although it all looks downhill it is not.

You have till 13:30pm to get to your boat for the final paddle leg (Multisport) or to start your final trail run (Multicross). Please take special note of the Cut-Off Times.

With all the new off-road sections it is important that you keep your concentration levels up and keep your eyes peeled for the next direction board or route marker. Always keep left and pass right and obey the general rules of the road as there are no road closures on the day.

Please listen to the marshals and follow the rules and signposts in the transition area.

Marshalling Points

Marshals will be at selected places on route, they have been instructed not to give directions. They are there for your safety and well-being, not as a guide. We will also have medical staff on stand by to assist where needed and the SAPS will be on hand to assist with safety and security along the route, especially in the valley along the Valley Trust Road.


Route Map & Profile

Triple Challenge MTB
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