Helpful Hints & Tips

Trail Run 20km Polly Shortts to Camperdown & 10km Lion Park to Camperdown

  • Pace Yourself: The trail run starts off undulating and fast, it drops down to the valley floor of Bellevue Estate in the first few kilometres and then climbs up until 2km before the finish line. Leave some in the tank for the last stretch once you have crossed the floating bridge.
  • DO NOT follow the person in front of you, you are responsible for following the route markings.
  • Use the water tables and plan your race according to the distance between them of approximately 3km, there are 6 on the trail run route.
  • Cars have right of way at all road crossings, there will be no road closures in place on the day. Normal traffic rules apply.
  • Marshalls are there for your security, not to guide you through the course. Ensure you follow the route markers.
  • The route is marked with red arrows, white spray paint, white lime and blue Columbia tape.
    NO GO ZONES are indicated by orange crosses. 

Mountain Bike 53km Camperdown to Inanda Dam 

  • This is a tough 53km of true African Mountain Biking. The route takes you through some of the most amazing areas you have ever seen with beautiful, unique topography and terrain. The routes are not manicured and the onus is on you to concentrate and be aware of the dangers involved in this sport. Treat the entire route as dangerous.
  • Slime is a non-negotiable, Gators are recommended. The course is more suited to tubeless tyres. You will be riding through thornveld.
  • The route is to be run in a self-sufficient manner, please make sure that you have enough water, nutrition and spares with you for the entire MTB leg.
  • There are 3 water tables en-route, use them to ensure maximum enjoyment of this course you will need to be in your best form from start to finish. The most difficult part of the route is from 20-29kms, plan your race accordingly. Once you see the dam for the first time you still have 17km to go.
  • Please be kind, courteous and respectful towards the locals, their land and their livestock, accept their encouragement as they line the route, this inter-action can really help keep you in a good frame of mind and continue to build the good name of the event.
  • Cars and cows have right of way at all road crossings, no road closures are in place on the day, marshals will ensure your safety but will not direct you. It is the athlete’s responsibility to make their own way along the course by following the route markers.
  • The route is marked with black arrows, white spray paint, white lime and blue Columbia tape.
    NO GO ZONES are indicated by orange crosses. 

Paddle 20km and 18km Inanda Dam with 2 portages (130m & 1.6km)

  • Be sure of your route before you start, the buoys and water safety are only there as a guide. The take out points for the portages are marked with white Varsity College banners.
  • Take liquids along with you, the heat down in the Valley is intense, and as life jackets and splash covers are compulsory, you will need to replace liquids. There is a water table at each portage.
  • Wear Sun protection and sunglasses as the glare of the water intensifies the sun.
  • Suitable footwear is compulsory, the surfaces you will cover on the portages are unforgiving.
  • If you get into any trouble notify the safety boats by holding your paddle in the air with both hands about your head.
  • Your 2 portages are marked with white spray paint. NO GO ZONES are indicated by orange crosses. 

Trail Run 7km Inanda Dam finish area

  • Hydrate before leaving the transition area, this route is open, exposed and swelteringly hot, The water tables on this section is Imperative! There is one as you leave the transition area and one at 5km and 1 at the finish line.
  • Please use suitable footwear, hat and sun protection.
  • Beware of on-coming traffic in the form of other runners and MTB athletes. Keep left pass right.
  • The route is marked with green arrows, white spray paint, white lime and blue Columbia tape. NO GO ZONES are indicated by orange crosses. 


  • All seconds must have their seconding permits visible on their dashboards of their vehicles for access into Inanda Dam.
  • No seconding or assistance is allowed on the route in any way or form.
  • It is the seconds responsibility to understand the rules and logistics surrounding the event.
  • ETA Leaders:   Trail Run 07h20                  MTB 09h30          Paddle & Multicross Run 10h30
  • Cut-offs:   Camperdown 09h30       Intaba View 11h30           Inanda Dam 13h30 


  • Race numbers must be called out by the athlete as they cross the respective timing points. Race numbers must be worn on the upper body garment.
  • The route traverses through varied terrain and is marked to the best of our ability. However route markers could be obstructed or moved by the locals, so please be vigilant and follow the flow of the route towards Inanda Dam.
  • The route cut-off points will be strictly adhered too. Those not making the cut-off will have their race numbers removed and will not be allowed to continue.